Why do people even have cell phones? I swear. No one ever answers when you need em.

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l'm not happy guys


No more sad love poems
But what can I write then
I’ve had no happiness
So how can I write a happy one?

All I have to write about
Is lies
Broken promises
Shattered hearts
Scared souls
and that stupid face that glooms in my mind.

You tell me to write a happy love poem
I’ll try
Can I lie
Is that alright?

Because isn’t that what love is about

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  Butterfly effect  

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Tell me the truth




iCH möCHTe nUR wiSSen,
waS DU DenKST wenn DU miCH SieHST,
wenn DU miT miR ReDeST,
OB DU miCH VeRmiSST, wenn iCH niCHT Da Bin,
OB DU an miCH DenKST.


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Miss u :(



l miss u

U are my everything

&& my Best Friend

i Love u so  much <3

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νєяѕтєнєη кαηη мαη ∂αѕ ℓєвєη ηυя яü¢кωäятѕ

ℓєвєη мυѕѕ мαη єѕ νσяωäятѕ...


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мαncнмαl ιѕт eѕ вeѕѕeя

ѕeιne Geheimnisse füя ѕιcнвeнαlтen.♥


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